Legendary Rocker Paul Gurvitz Releases New Solo Album
On the Road to 'Sweetheart Land' with Paul Gurvitz

The name may not instantly ring a bell, but once you get an overview of his career, you'll find Paul Gurvitz just about everywhere in the course of rock n roll music over the last few decades. In his younger days he first found success in the British outfit the Londoners, backing band for rock n roller Gene Vincent. He rose through the ranks playing in the Knack, and then Gun in 1967. Gun had a massive hit song "Race With the Devil" and two cult albums. Paul then formed a hard rockin' super-group called Three Man Army and released a string of influential albums. From there he found international success when he joined forces with former Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, one of the biggest rock super-groups of the 70's.

While some may not instantly recognize the name, he's not an enigma at all. He's played with Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Buddy Miles, Ronnie James Dio, Carmine Appice, Chris Spedding. Toured with Spooky Tooth. Worked alongside Denny Cordell and also with Willie Mitchell & the Memphis Horns and Toto. He's recorded with Elton John, the Who, Ginger Baker, Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues and Beatles producer George Martin. His list of credits are about as long as the history of rock music itself. Ring a bell yet? If you don't know Gurvitz you don't know your music.

Now he's back again and fully re-loaded with his new album "Sweetheart Land".

"Sweetheart Land" was a long time in the making. Gurvitz who spent most of the 1980's and 90's writing and producing hit songs for such artists as Jody Watley, Five Star, Staci Q, Kim Wilde, Melba Moore, Jermaine Jackson, The Fat Boys, JellyBean, and Stacy Lattisaw among many others. When it comes to writing and producing hits Gurvitz knows what he's doing, after all he's made a career out of it. He has many gold and platinum awards, countless Billboard albums in both the US and the UK. In fact, all of the songs on "Sweetheart Land" have that radio friendly contemporary sound, and would easily make the blueprint for instant hits for any artist.

While many artists from Paul Gurvitz's generation tread the same ground, he has consistently kept things new for himself and his audience. Gurvitz's new album "Sweetheart Land" will surprise many fans. Although, not as loud and overproduced as his work from the past, Gurvitz has found a balance somewhere between warm Americana roots rock and driving power pop with a mellow flavor, perfectly tailored for his soulful vocals and guitar playing .

Paul Gurvitz is a one man army a one man band, playing almost all of the instruments on every track with a little help from a few friends which include: drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio); Jeff Silbar (writer of "The Wind Beneath My Wings") on guitar; Brooke Lizotte, Stafford Floyd (Force MD's & Sister Sledge) both on piano; Adrian Lee (Mike + the Mechanics) programming and tech support. The production is punchy and showcases Gurvitz's multi-instrumental skills as a player against a cohesive wall of sound.

"Sweetheart Land" is not only the work of a talented artist, but a nice ride into the sunset. Paul Gurvitz writes the kind of songs that you can really relate to and just have fun with, but he can also write melodies and lyrics that will capture your heart in one line. But he doesn't always play it safe, and he's not always "Rated PG" as his last album says. One of the album's stand-out tracks, "Sex @ the Wheel" is a erotic rocker with a stompin' beat and drivin' guitar, which the writer describes as being "from a real experience with a little fantasy added". "Too drunk to drive we got time to kill, let's have sex, sex at the wheel". Soon, this intoxicating song almost makes you want to either pull over to the side of the road, or shift things into high gear. This one will definitely make you blow a head gasket.

The album is full of those catchy Gurvitz hooks that keep you coming back for more. There's a new interpretation of a classic Paul Gurvitz song "Who Found Who", originally a Billboard #1 dance hit for pop star JellyBean in the 1980's. Gurvitz takes his song back and gives it a slower, acoustic, ultra cool vibe and a new arrangement.

Paul Gurvitz is quite the storyteller here, and "Just 4 the Thrill" finds him summing up his past career in the honest lyric "Now nothin' I do can ever compare when I was out there playing somewhere, the money didn't matter, it just paid the bills. I did it just for the thrill"

Well, the thrill isn't gone, and his career hasn't shown any signs of being book ended, especially on the title track "Sweetheart Land".

Once more Paul Gurvitz brings us along one of his musical journeys. "Sweetheart Land" is a not only a cd, it's a frame of mind, and a good place to visit that you may not want to leave. So why not check it out and go to "Sweetheart Land".


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