Rated PG: The Never Ending Temptation of the Blues

After the sad demise of the Baker Gurvitz Army in the late 70's, Paul Gurvitz went on to appear as bassist, vocalist and producer on four of his brother Adrian's solo releases between 1978 and 1982. In 1985 Paul was signed to Chrysalis music and traveled to the US to pursue a career as a songwriter.

It didn't take long to succeed with a hit: ironically it was with a British band. The family quintet Five Star, who had their first big hit in the UK with "All Fall Down", followed by the top ten hits "Let Me Be The One" and "Find The Time". The latter was written by Gurvitz, who also wrote another two chart topping singles for the band.

After success with Five Star, Paul Gurvitz went on to work with a string of successful pop and R&B acts such as Jody Watley, Jellybean, The Cover Girls, Melba Moore, Stacy Lattisaw, Jermaine Stewart, Jermaine Jackson, Imagination and Stanley Clarke. "It certainly wasn't a deliberate decision for me to stop playing on albums and move to writing and producing for other people instead." "Over the years I never stopped playing and writing for myself. Eventually I felt the time had come for me to write and album of my own".

In 2002, Paul opened up a new chapter in his versatile career as a solo artist. His debut album, which had been written over the years was entitled "No Gun No Army", a tongue in cheek reference to his past. Gurvitz had written, produced and performed everything on the album.

Now, Paul has just completed his second solo album entitled "Rated PG". The title is a play on the artist's initials.

The ten new songs on "Rated PG" show a quieter and more introspective side to the artist than those found on his previous release. These new tracks are wonderfully composed song writing gems that could only ever emerge from the heart of someone who has been as carefully committed to his craft over the years as Gurvitz. Full of great melodies, beautiful string sections and warm acoustic guitar parts with a subtle world music flavor. The songs deal with love and human relationships and they portray a man who has grown along with his work, for which he still has a strong passion.

Those who are not familiar with his solo work or only know him through his collaborations with others might not know what to expect stylistically from this album. Paul has always had a strong connection to rhythm and blues and "Rated PG" shows that it still forms an important part of his musical expression.


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